• Kowalski Select 620 LED

    FEATURED Kowalski Select 620 LED


    The new 620 Select LED gives you ultimate flexibility in a diving lamp combined with superior build quality

  • Mini X LED



    The Kowalski Mini X LED has the build quality that is synonimous with Kowlaski torches. It combines super effecient LED technology with compact size, rugged construction and a low price. This quality torch is equally at home out of the water.

  • Transport Bag

    FEATURED Transport Bag


    NEW! Nylon padded transport protection bag to help keep your much loved kowalski Torch from getting damaged in transit.

  • PICO



    The smallest Kowalski of all time!

Welcome to Kowalski UK

Kowalski UK is the UK main dealer and service point for Kowalski Underwater Diving torches and Diving Lamps. We are pleased to offer the full range of Spares, Service and Supply for all Kowalski Torches.

Kowalski Diving Torches have long been considered by many as the best underwater torches on the market. They combine quality German engineering with simplicity of use both above and below the water. The through casing charging system means that you never have to open the case during normal use, this means that all kowalski diving torches maintain the integrity of the housing on dives and are rated to depths in excess of 200m.

Kowalski have always had a reputation amongst videographers with their Xenon lighting system. This Xenon has now been superceded by the select 620 LED system which offers unique flexibilty whereby you can change the lighting head to suit requirements. select flood and spot heads are available in a wide variety of outputs, have a selection of colour temperature ranging from 3000k to 6500k, and are dimmable from 20-100% easily to get the right shot. 


The distribution of Kowalski Torches is Germany has now been moved to a third party and this has had an impact on availability.

For the forseeable future all rechargeable torches will be made to order. This will mean that delivery times for all torches will be a minimum of 3 weeks from placing the order. Please factor this in if you wish to place an order.

Featured Products

Mini X LED
Mini X LED


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